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Please take the time to download and print the intake forms for the therapist that you are going to be seeing. This will give you time to fill them out and will avoid you spending the first 15 minutes of the appointment filling out paperwork.

Also we highly recommend that you contact our billing company, displayed below,  with your insurance information. This will help avoid any surprises when the claims are processed. This is a service that we provide but ultimately it is up to the insured to know and understand what your insurance will and will not pay for.  

C & L Billing

Leland/Cindy - 303-280-6262

Dr. Sara Bahn Intake Forms

Dr. John Arroyo

Intake Forms

Dr. Michael Kessler Intake Forms

BHCI Patient Forms - Dr Sara Bahn.pdf BHCI Patient Forms - Dr Michael Kessler.pdf BHCI Patient Forms - Dr John Arroyo.pdf

Diana Rapaport Intake Forms

BHCI Patient Forms - Diana Rapaport.pdf

Becca Marshall

 Intake Forms

BHCI Patient Forms - Rebecca  Marshall.pdf

Kristin Smith

 Intake Forms

BHCI Patient Forms - Kristin Smith.pdf