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                   About Diana

Diana is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  She has worked extensively with children and families, parents, couples, adults and the geriatric community. Diana acquired a broad understanding of family custody and guardianship legal matters in her past role as a Public Service Administrator. Her clinical background and experience includes complex mental health illnesses, co-occurring and substance abuse disorders. Her areas of expertise encompass anxiety, depression, grief and loss, PTSD, trauma, life transitions, and stress management.  Her experience also includes aging, end of life decisions, caregiving issues and the stress of managing complex medical conditions for families.

Diana received her Bachelor and Master of Social Work degrees from the University of Illinois Springfield and Urbana-Champaign.  She is clinically licensed through the State of Illinois. Diana emphasizes health and wellness in the community and those she sees in her psychotherapy sessions. Mandatory DOT SAP program and required hours for completion. Failed drug screens at places of employment resulting in required substance abuse treatment.